Cole & Wilson

Gentle care detergents, est. 1927.

Sultraspot Mineral

Stain remover for mineral stains.
Removes glue, paint, tar, lacquer, lipstick etc.


Sultraspot Protein

Stain remover for protein based stains.
Removes stains from blood, milk, urine, beer, ...


Sultraspot Color

Stain remover for pigment stains.
Removes stains from tea, coffee, grass, wine, fruit, ...


Sultraspot Tint

Stain removes for ink stains.
Removes stains from pens, ink, make-up, lipstick etc.


Sultraspot Metal

Stain remover for metal-based stains.
Removes stains from rust, metal and old blood.


Sultraspot Soft

Professional all-purpose mild stain remover for delicate textiles.


Sultraspot Starter Kit

Kit with 6 different 500 ml stain remover products.


Professional all-purpose stain remover with enzymes for use in wet cleaning



Professional stain remover for enhancing bleach in wet cleaning


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